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Heather Holley

Songwriter/Producer/Artist Development Specialist


Heather Holley is a multi-platinum-selling pop songwriter and producer who specializes in artist development. Heather is known most widely for her role in launching pop icon Christina Aguilera’s career. She and Elicit Productions partner Rob Hoffman (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones) wrote and produced the recordings that led to Christina’s signing with RCA. Heather's songs were included on Christina's first three albums.


Heather has been profiled in television specials including VH1’s “Driven: Christina Aguilera” and two E! Entertainment Christina Aguilera Specials. Her article “Soaring With Christina Aguilera,” was published in The Wall Street Journal.

Heather’s compositions have been featured in prime-time television series such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “90210 Next Generation,” “American Idol” and “The Office”; feature films and trailers including “Pursuit of Happyness,” “Kiss of the Dragon” and David LaChappelle’s “Rize”; runway shows for New York Fashion Week, and ad campaigns for global brands such as Mercedes Benz and Pepsi featuring Christina Aguilera, Microsoft Office, Virgin Mobile.

Heather was born and raised in the music town of Austin, Texas. She is a classically trained pianist, singer, Pro Tools operator and engineer.




Song production

Vocal Production

Recording and Engineering

Music Career Guidance

Songwriting and Recording coaching


photo credit: Katrina Eugenia

hair and makeup: Kyung Min Chon



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